I'm Scott Carmichael, a frontend web developer based in Fife, Scotland. My focus is building dynamic websites and apps using open technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP. I currently work as part of the Flintriver team in Milnathort.

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HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery AJAX PHP MySQL Wordpress Expression Engine AngularJS Laravel Responsive Photoshop APIs Jekyll

Who Is This Guy?

My name is Scott Carmichael, a web developer based in Fife, Scotland. I've spent many years building client centric websites and apps; both in agency environments and on freelance projects. I’m passionate about web technologies, cool internet stuff and the general building of things.

I have experience with many web technologies and concepts. However, its working with frontend technologies that really makes my motor run. I have extensive knowledge of JavaScript and associated technologies like AJAX and the jQuery library. At the moment I'm motivated by the inner workings of responsive design, MVC frameworks (in particular AngularJS), CSS3 and the HTML5 APIs.

That being said, my day to day work usually involves working with PHP & MySQL too. I've worked extensively with both the Wordpress and Expression Engine CMSs and have worked on a number of Laravel projects (web apps and APIs).

My main side project is the plugin repository Carmichaelize. I’ve built a bunch of Wordpress and jQuery plugins that do a variety of cool and useful things. I'm always looking to create new items, for the most part they solve some of the problems I’ve encountered over the years working as a professional web developer.

Away from all that, I can be found in the stands of East End Park on match day, watching Dunfermline Athletic FC. Beside that, I like music, cynical banter, American sitcoms of the 90's and enjoy a couple of pints after hours. As well as my own projects and antics, I currently work as part of the Flintriver team in Milnathort.

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