I'm Scott Carmichael, a front end web developer from Fife, Scotland. I build websites and apps using open technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP. Currently I work as part of the Gecko Labs team in Edinburgh.

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HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript AngularJS jQuery Firebase PHP
MySQL Wordpress Expression Engine Jekyll Git APIs

About Me

My name is Scott Carmichael, a web developer from Fife, Scotland. I’m passionate about web technologies, cool internet stuff and the general building of things. However, its working with JavaScript and front end technologies that I really enjoy. At the moment I'm motivated by the inner workings of AngularJS, RESTful APIs and responsive design.

My main side project is the plugin repository Carmichaelize. In the past, I've worked extensively with both Wordpress and Expression Engine. Beside all that, I like music, cynical banter, American sitcoms of the 90's and enjoy a couple of pints after hours. As well as my own projects, I currently work as part of the Gecko Labs team in Edinburgh.

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